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Saeker helps directors and managers of hotels groups and holiday park groups to ensure they keep on top of health and safety, minimising their exposure to legal action and cutting the cost of compliance.

It is a complete health and safety management system that gives directors an instant overview of their compliance status, while guiding managers and staff through the different activities and checks that need to be carried out at regular intervals. Designed specifically for the hospitality sector, it encapsulates over 20 years’ practical health and safety expertise in its dashboards, reporting and functional modules:

Management and Control Image Management and Control Icon

Management and Control

Comprehensive tools to monitor compliance and manage health and safety activities across multiple sites.

Auditing and Review Image Auditing and Review Icon

Auditing and Review

Making light work of all your health and safety audits, based on industry best practice or specific franchise procedures.

Risk Assessment Image Risk Assessment Icon

Risk Assessment

Minimising the work required to carry out risk assessments, without reinventing the wheel or getting bogged down in unnecessary detail.

Accident and Incident Management Image Accident and Incident Management Icon

Accident and Incident Management

Accessible, easy-to-use tools that take your staff through incident handling, including photo and video evidence to support your defence.

Preventative Maintenance and Checklists Image Preventative Maintenance and Checklists Icon

Preventative Maintenance and Checklists

Smart scheduling and management of checks and maintenance tasks, optimised for multi-site hotel and holiday park groups.

Executive guidance and policies Image Executive guidance and policies Icon

Executive guidance and policies

The definitive place to store and reference all your health and safety policies, official documents and incident records.

Consulting Services and Support Image Consulting Services and Support Icon

Consulting Services and Support

Providing expert guidance and supporting your requirements for a ‘competent person’. Our experienced team and specialist partners can provide all the assistance you need to get started, carry out audits and put together training for your staff.


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