Management and Control

No matter many hotels and restaurants you are responsible for, Saeker keeps you on top of health and safety compliance, with minimal time and effort.

Compliance dashboard

See at a glance whether all your hotels, restaurants and resorts are compliant. Drill down to get details of health and safety issues, review new and ongoing incidents and identify essential activities that staff may have overlooked.

Compliance dashboard Image Compliance dashboard Icon

Notifications and alerts

Make sure you are the first to know about health and safety issues across all your sites. With personalised notifications you will know immediately if compliance drops to unacceptable levels, if a serious incident occurs or enforcing authorities schedule a visit.

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Task management

Never lose track of health and safety activities or the staff they have been allocated to. From one place, you and your managers can review all the checks, inspections and other health and safety activities that are required. Saeker automatically schedules periodic checks and reviews, as well as tracking one-off remedial actions.

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Management reporting

Easily gather all the facts, figures and insights you need for proactive health and safety management. With Saeker, every health and safety task, incident and report from across all your sites is available in one place for analysis and review.

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Time to take control of health and safety?

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