Preventative Maintenance and Checklists

Meeting your statutory obligations goes hand in hand with cost reduction when you use Saeker to intelligently manage your hazard monitoring and planned maintenance. The Saeker system encapsulates decades of experience from the hospitality industry to minimise the work you need to remain safe and compliant.

Hospitality-specific templates

From emergency lighting to gym equipment, each of the many, specific checks that are needed in hotels and restaurant are ready for you and your staff to adapt and use. Staff are told exactly what they need to do and when; a tablet or mobile device takes them through every step and records the results.

Hospitality-specific templates Image Hospitality-specific templates Icon

Smart scheduling

When you have hundreds of rooms, electrical installations and safety equipment to check, Saeker gives you a smart way of checking everything on a cycle. It helps you optimise maintenance tasks to fit around your guests. And it is configured to avoid unnecessary planned maintenance during your busiest periods.

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Automatic action and escalation

With every maintenance activity or check, the results and any other observations are captured by the system. It automatically allocates new tasks for any remedial action and follow-up checks that are required. Your managers are kept informed through their Saeker dashboard, and if any serious health and safety issues are identified, you can choose to be alerted, too.

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