Risk Assessment

Avoid overly complicated or unnecessary risk assessments with Saeker’s library of ready-to-use templates. Optimised for the hospitality sector, they are easy to customise and use across all your hotels and restaurants.

Focusing on significant risks

Saeker provides risk assessments templates for every functional area across your hotels, restaurants, grounds, spa and leisure facilities. They include everything that you and your managers need to consider, based on decades of experience and recognised good practice.

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Creating custom templates

Because every hotel brand has its own way of doing things, Saeker templates can be customised to reflect your specific facilities and the control measures that you put in place as standard. You can make your custom templates a group-wide standard, or allow managers to customise further for each of your different premises.

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Enforcing a systematic approach

To ensure your staff carry out mandatory risk assessments regularly, Saeker makes it as easy as possible for them, even preparing a working copy of the previous assessment to work from. Task reminders are generated automatically and overdue risk assessments are flagged-up on the appropriate manager and directors’ dashboards.

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