Accident and Incident Management

When an accident happens on your premises or you need to record a serious incident, Saeker helps your staff to gather all the details you need to respond appropriately and provide a robust defence.

Robust information gathering

From the moment an allegation is made against you or an incident is reported, your staff are guided through all the essential steps to find out just what happened and to respond appropriately. With simple questions, integrated video and photo capture, all the details are properly recorded and saved in tamper-proof form. If more information comes to light it can be added later without compromising the original evidence.

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Formal investigation and reporting

For each incident, Saeker will automatically analyse the details and advise whether you are obliged to report it to the authorities. The system generates much of the paperwork required for statutory reporting and also produces documentation which minimises the work involved in insurance claims.

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Working with inspectors

When enforcing authorities visit one of your hotels or restaurants, Saeker makes it quick and easy for managers to log the details and attach any documents or notices. Each visit will show up on your dashboard, giving you the option to read more or discuss the implications with your managers.

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