Auditing and Review

For all the audits and reviews that your hospitality business requires, Saeker streamlines the process, tracks any remedial activities and ensures you have a full audit trail.

Step-by-step approach

Staff can complete audits quickly and accurately with Saeker. They are taken through the process using a tablet or mobile device, following direct prompts and giving simple responses. The system is flexible and changes the flow based on answers to earlier questions.

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Hospitality industry best-practice

We provide a library of tried-and-tested audit templates, covering all your hotel, restaurant, spa and leisure operations. There is no need to devise your own checks and reviews from scratch: we provide everything you need from food hygiene to fire safety, in sufficient depth but without wasting time on unnecessary activities.

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Custom and franchise-specific templates

To meet specific group audit policies or franchise requirements, you can easily customise any of the built-in audit templates, or create new ones from scratch. The template creation tool is designed for business managers without any special training.

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Meaningful management of results

All the data generated by audits is stored securely, for reference and as proof of compliance. If any issues are identified, the system generates tasks for the remedial action; these are then tracked through to completion and logged. In case of serious non-compliance, management are immediately alerted.

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