Executive guidance and policies

Our specialists work with your leadership team and hotel managers to ensure you have robust policies in place, to protect you and your customers. We draw on our own library specifically developed policies which we customise as much or as little as needed to match your operational and business practices.

Secure document storage

Saeker provides you with secure, permanent storage for all your health and safety resources, including documents, images and video. You and authorised staff can search and view documents from any computer, tablet or mobile device.

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Incident and maintenance history

Details of every accident, incident and inspection report are available to you through the system. You also have direct access to detailed records of all the hazard monitoring and maintenance activities from across your hotels and restaurants.

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Flexible search

When you need answers to a specific question about health and safety in your business, Saeker makes it easy to find. Everything in the system is searchable, using a simple query or by filtering the type of insights you are looking for. From detailed documents to ….…, it’s all at your fingertips.

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